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Start ups we love them….

Start up  
  "Start up" the much hyped word of this decade. Its on everyone's mind but some have it in their heart. When boiled down its an individual/team's dream.Its all about their struggle, failures and success.Its a high energy environment of which we love to be a part of.In last one year we had the opportunity  of working with couple of cool start ups Truckwala and Fixit-int. We are proud to say that we are their trusted  Digital consultant, it was as much a learning experience for us. Start up is not a new trend, in this decade it became more cool. I consider start up as any one venturing into a new business either technical or non technical, even if  its conventional business .This is the best time for start ups because both governments and society as a whole are supportive. In India government recently launched an initiative  called "Start up India, Stand Up India" which is aimed to  help young entrepreneurs.Such initiatives are not just restricted to India but is now a global phenomenon.So if your are thinking of starting some thing this would be the best time . Having said that creating a company is lot of hard work. The common qualities that I have seen in entrepreneurs are Integrity,Intelligence and Energy.  Here are few suggestion that would be helpful at the start of your entrepreneurial journey:

  1. Take an opinion from expert: Before you start,  do your research and take opinion from people who have done that before. Eg if you are nontechnical person then try to look for a digital consultant who would advice you properly wrt your digital need . When we are approached by start ups we usually spend first couple of meetings to listen to what they want .And then suggest the best possible technical solution to their problem. Even if they just want to have a website for their startup, we try to understand their expectation from the website so that we can deliver them.Most of the time you may know what you want but that may not be what you need.

  2. Start Small: There is an old African proverb " How to eat an elephant? one bite at a time"   Period. The truth can't be stated more accurately.Spend on essentials and cut on luxuries.Always try to cut on liabilities and fixed costs. I would highly  recommend reading Lean Startup by Eric Ries . It beautifully explains the concept of starting small.

  3. It's a marathon not a sprint: Don't loose motivation and keep your spirits high, because its a long haul.Have patience , be alert and look out for opportunities.Lot of unexpected events will happen. You will have to overcome those difficulties.So be mentally prepared.

  4. Improvise along the way: This is some thing you have to remember" You don't necessarily have to end up making a product that you started with and that's good." While starting ,you start with assumptions.Along the way you will have to validate those assumptions and make the necessary changes.Being a start up your main advantage is your agility. That's the edge you have over  big corporates. Start selling you product when its 80% ready and don't obsess yourself with the idea of perfection, after-all perfection itself is an idea.

I hope you enjoyed the article.If you have any queries please feel free to connect with me at rakesh@credosys.in | @rakeshnair2112 Twitter