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Websites a short intro…

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  The web development had its humble beginning in early 90's when the Internet revolution kick started. While web development came a long way since its inception, I really doubt whether its users and customers evolved accordingly. In the initial days website was just a digital brochure listed in giant yellow page called "Google". India is just warming up to the internet revolution with a very promising lets discuss some points which emphasizes the need of website and latest trends in web development industry:
  1. Most businesses are still not online: According to a recent survey by Godaddy around 63% of the small and medium business don't have a website.  You could check their detailed survey here. Estimated at 51 million ,India is home to the second largest base of small and medium sized businesses. Most of the Indian business operate in a conventional way and are yet to catch up with trend.The main reason for this plight is lack of awareness.
  2. Brick and Mortar vs online: So why go online if you have a brick and mortar business. With the brick and mortar business the main disadvantage is that of visibility and availability. When you take your business online you surpass the restriction placed by location and you become available 24 x 7. Even when you are sleeping your website might be engaging with a potential client. The website has  a compounding effect on your business. And sadly this is the part that most business owners  fail to realize.
  3. Different types of website: There are different types of websites like basic static website, Dynamic website, CMS website,e commerce. lets check each type briefly:
  • Basic HTML :  These are the most  simple type of website. Ideal for small business  establishment or for  creating personal portfolio. Now a days you have to make the website responsive since most of the users use mobile devices to access the internet.
  • Content Management System (CMS) Websites:These   websites have lots of content and also contents would be frequently   updated , like if you plan to have blogs on your website. So Design and   Development of these websites are more complex as compared to basic  HTML  websites.
  • e- Commerce Websites:  e-commerce simply means taking your store online.In coming years there will be a lot of market for e-commerce websites in India.India e-commerce market was worth 3.8 billion in 2009.About 70% of India's e-commerce website is travel related.Average global growth rate for e-commerce is 8-10%.So definitely this is a blooming
  • Web Portals: These are website designed for specific purposes. One of the recent portals created by us is Truckwala.It works as a platform which connects transporters and clients. Logistics industry is one of the most unorganized sector in India.So such initiative are actually inspiring and revolutionary.
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