Search Engine Optimization

We at Credosys solutions strive to be the best SEO Company in Mumbai.SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a very crucial stuff that’s often left out by website and business owners. Every day there are approximately 6 billion searches made on Google alone. So for example if your business is located in Mumbai then you could specifically target relevant searches from in and around Mumbai. As a SEO Company we always try to get the best for your business and products.

Earlier SEO was all about backlinks, Keywords and ranking. But SEO in 2015 is much more complex as Google regularly update their search algorithm like Panda, Humming bird and penguin. We would like to define SEO as an art of fine tuning various factors that affect the SERP of your website.

SEO may be broadly classified into two categories:

On page / Off page SEO

On Page SEO refers to various modification you do on the code of the website to make it more SEO friendly. In other words these are factors that are under the control of developer.This could be as silly as making proper use of meta tags,using guidelines for coding etc. But according to me the on page optimization starts with key word research. Read more

Other factors

Off page SEO refers to other factors that influence your website ranking, which are not directly related with your website. In simple terms off page optimization might be considered as ways of making your website famous with the help of social media, blogging, references etc. Read more