Mobile App Development

If you are planning to develop a mobile application then Credosys Solution Mumbai will be your one stop solution .Last decade has witnessed to some major paradigm shifts taking place. More and more people are accessing internet through their mobile devices. We can undoubtedly claim that this decade belongs to mobile technology.Even In India Mobile application development has gained a lot of traction in last five years. Mobile application development deals with building specific application which works in unique way using the technologies available on smartphones.

Now a day’s it’s difficult to imagine a world without mobile applications. They have made our lives easier. “If you have a problem, we have an app” seems to be motto of the startup world.

There is no doubt that mobile technology has made our lives better and now mobile applications are trying to make them more comfortable. There are two main platforms that dominate the  mobile technology namely the iPhone and android.


After its first launch on 9th January 2007 there is no looking back for iphones. With every new versions rolled out it just got better every time. According to the latest statistics there are around 1.5 million app on apple store. It’s the second largest app store next to Google play store. Out of the total number of smartphone users about 15.6% use iphones. The number of iphone users is much higher in USA and Europe than it is in asian market. Asian market is predominantly dominated by android.


Android was first rolled out in 2008 with cupcake version 1.5. It was google’s response to iphone. Android is an open source platform meaning its free to use. Hence no doubt it enjoys huge popularity in Asian markets. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Android dominates the smartphone market with 1 billion users. There is approximately 1.6 million apps on google playstore.India has the third largest smartphone users at 117 million. Out of these almost 90% use Android devices.