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Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)…

Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Let me add beforehand that this article is for freshers who have no idea of SEO,If you already know about the basics please feel free to skip this article.This is a very basic article explaining various terms and process involved in SEO.This article is focused on readers who are planning to do SEO to their website, but don't have any idea about the same.This article will provide you with information that will be helpful to you when you talk with your SEO guy. By definition SEO stands for search engine optimization, Which simply put are ways and tricks to rank higher on search engines like google, yahoo etc. There are both ethical and unethical ways to do this. The ethical ways are known as White Hat SEO and unethical way are known as Black Hat SEO. In this blog we will only be discussing about White Hat SEO. Its the legitimate and long lasting solution. Before starting to discuss, let me clarify one thing straight away that SEO is a gradual process and not a quick fix one. It takes time to gain the trust of search engine and maintain the credibility. So anyone who claims to get you to number one spot within a month or week is probably lying or definitely lying. So lets get started with understanding the basics of SEO. Types Of SEO
  1. On Page SEO.
  2. OFF Page SEO
On page SEO: On Page SEO refers to various modification you do on the code of the website to make it more SEO friendly. In other words these are factors that are under the control of developer.This could be as silly as making proper use of meta tags,using W3.org guidelines for coding etc. But according to me the on page optimization starts with key word research. Key word research means finding relevant keywords for which you are planing to optimize your website.It is called research because we have  to find out the right key word for your service or product and also check whether that key word will generate the required traffic.Also we will have to check how competitive a particular key word is, eg if you are a car dealer and you are planning to optimize your website for the key word "car dealer" it won't simply work because its too competitive. So we will have to select a key word which best describes your business and at the same time isn't highly competitive. The next area to focus on your website would be content.Content is the heart of the website.Obviously the next question would be how to  write good content.For this  the honest reply would be write content that people want to read. Also your content should have a right ratio of keywords. If you put too much keyword in your content then its called "keyword stuffing" which might have negative impact on google ranking(your website may even be banned). Ideally you should keep it between 10-15% of the total content of the page. Off Page Optimization: These are other factors that influence your website ranking, which are not directly related with your website.In simple terms off page optimization might be considered as ways of making your website famous with the help of social media,blogging,references etc... Off page optimization is a continuous on going process. It might be also considered as maintaining the brand of your website. A very important aspect of SEO is analytic ie monitoring the performance of the website wrt user behaviour,goal completion etc. We generally generate a monthly report covering various aspect of the website, including our suggestions for improvement. I hope with this article I was able to introduce you to SEO. Please feel free to connect with me at rakesh@credosys.in