Rakesh Nair

Project Manager


3 simple ways to increase your business revenue…

Sales is the heart of your business, which keeps your business alive by pumping the capital required for the survival of your business. Here are three powerful sales channels that you might be ignoring.

1. Get your business online:


website development


Yes even though this seems so obvious according to a recent survey around  45% of Indian business do not even have  website. While the global average was 82% (82% businesses world wide have their websites) This means that almost half of the business are loosing a substantial amount of potential clients. And once you decide that you are going to make the website, make sure that you get it done from a professional. Always keep in mind that your website will be the first thing that your potential clients will be checking before deciding to do business with you.

2.SEO  & Search Engine Marketing (SEM):    



Just to put things in perspective Google alone process around 40,000 searches every second. That is approximately 3.5 billion searches per day. This is a large opportunity. SEM includes paid adds, pay per click,Google adwords , bling adwords etc. While with SEM the results will be instant, SEO will be a strategic investment that will  have compunding effect on your business.

3.Social Media Marketing:


social media marketing


If you are reading this article then its the result of our social media campaign. Once you know who your target audiences are , social media especially facebook marketing is the best way to reach your specific customers as you could target your campaign by focusing on specific age group,occupation,location etc. Now a days all big company's have a good social media presence. Even though you are small you could start reaping the benefit from social media marketing. Its one of the best ways to generate leads .